Maximizing Impact: 2 Unique Digital Printing Designs

9 February 2023
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Though traditional printing methods have still had their place, digital printing offers an unprecedented level of customization and flexibility for businesses looking to create a unique impression on their customers. There are many different types of digital printing designs available, each with the potential to maximize the impact of your print materials.

Here are a few unique digital printing designs that can help you make a bold statement with your printed materials.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable data printing is a relatively new digital printing technology development that enables users to customize their printed materials. With this method, every single item printed can have different text, images, graphics, or any combination of these elements. This makes variable data printing an ideal option for creating eye-catching yet highly personalized materials.

When using variable data printing, each item printed can be tailored to a specific audience or context. Whether you're creating promotional materials, marketing collateral, or even invitations, you can ensure that each piece stands out by adding an element of personalization.

This can be as simple as changing the font size or color of text on an invitation card or flyer — all the way up to inserting images and text into each one — so your prints look unique and more professional.

Variable data printing also ensures that your printed materials get more attention than ever before. You can use this innovative technology to ensure that no two prints are identical, giving you increased flexibility when creating captivating designs.

Not only does it achieve greater visual impact with its creative designs, but it also has the benefit of being cost-effective since multiple copies don't need to be made for each version. With variable data printing, you can easily produce hundreds (or even thousands) of unique pieces without having to worry about additional costs.


Over-printing allows you to add extra visual elements to your printed materials without having to go through the process of creating and printing a new design. It uses existing designs and adds an extra layer of detail to enhance the overall look.

For instance, if you have a logo printed on an item such as a pen or folder — you can easily add a splash of color or texture by overlaying it with an additional image or pattern. This makes it incredibly easy to customize the look of your products without having to start from scratch or incur additional expenses.

It also adds a unique dimension to printed materials such as business cards and promotional flyers. You can make two or more elements to create a unique and eye-catching design that will help to maximize the impact of your prints.

Over-printing also allows you to add texture, gloss, and other tactile effects to your prints — making them look and feel more professional. With this printing method, you can achieve a high-end finish that looks visually stunning.

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