Tips For Designing Roll Product Labels For Small Business Owners

31 October 2022
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If you want your new small business to be a long-term success, your product labels need to stand out from the crowd from the first day your products hit the shelf. Since study after study has shown that customers often select products based on the packaging look, your newly minted products must have packaging that reflects their quality. 

To help you design the best roll product labels, follow each of these tips.

Tip: Your Product Labels Must Match Your Company's Brand

The labels on your products should help your customers immediately recognize your brand. If you haven't thought about your company's brand yet, you should do so before ordering any printed packaging materials. Not only do the colors and font that you use matter, but you also want your brand to be in line with the products you sell. And you want your customers to recognize your product based on its effective branding immediately.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is not considering their branding before having roll labels printed. This results in additional labels needing to be printed later with a new design, which wastes valuable resources. It's essential to think about your branding and know exactly what you want your product to look like today and in the future before ordering your first roll of labels. 

Tip: Product Packaging Design Isn't Something to Do On the Fly

Creating high-quality, effective packaging design is a complex process. While you may be tempted to use an online design tool and quickly create your new product labels, this is not the best long-term plan for your business. If you choose not to use a professional designer, it's crucial that you spend an adequate amount of time designing your labels. The worst thing you can do is quickly create something adequate and plan to do a better design job down the road. As you acquire new customers, they come to recognize your brand. If you change the product labels, it causes brand recognition problems with your customers. They may see your product and not realize it's yours because it doesn't look the same.

Your label and packaging designs should be well thought out and designed so that you only need to do them once. By putting a lot of forethought into your designs, you will eliminate the need to make changes later. Not only will this help protect your brand identity, but it also saves your business money on label printing services in the long run. 

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