3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Digital And Press Printing For Your Full Color Brochure Printing Needs

19 August 2022
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When printing custom full-color brochures, you will have to choose between digital and press printing to get this job done. While both of these options have some impressive benefits to offer, they can also offer very different results from one another. That is why it is so important for you to consider the following three factors when making this important decision in order to ensure you get the results that are best suited to your particular needs.

Factor #1: Your Color Scheme

The colors you plan to use for your full-color brochures will have a huge impact on whether you are best served by digital or press printing services. This is because while digital printing offers the most consistent color quality, this type of printing has a limited number of color options to choose from. This is the result of the fact that digital printers only have access to the limited number of colors that are available in their ink or toner cartridge. Press printing on the other hand is able to offer a virtually limitless number of color options. This is because ink colors can be mixed by hand when choosing this printing option. Consequently, if you are hoping to customize your brochures through the use of special colors, press printing will be your better option. 

Factor #2: The Amount Of Detail

The number of small details included in the artwork on your brochures will also have a huge impact on what type of printing services are best suited to your needs. Since digital printing services rely on a computer to generate the desired image, this style of printing is able to easily incorporate even the smallest details into your artwork. This is not always the case with press printing since this style of printing requires a screen or press template to create the images you desire. It can be far more difficult to achieve small details using this style of printing without simply ending up with blobs of ink. Consequently, the more detailed your artwork is, the more likely you are to benefit from digital full-color brochure printing services. 

Factor #3: The Quantity Required 

If you are like most people, cost is likely to be a factor when printing your full-color custom brochures. That is why it is so important to take into consideration the number of brochures you wish to print. This is because while digital printing services will likely offer the same price per brochure regardless of how many you are printing, the costs associated with press printing will drop dramatically the more brochures you print. Consequently, if you require a large number of custom brochures, press printing may end up being the more affordable option. 

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