Why A Laser Printer Is A Good Choice For Your Small Office

6 September 2019
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If you run a small office or work from a home office, you need to choose your office machines carefully since you don't have much space. One machine you'll need is a printer, and the basic decision you have is to choose between a laser and ink jet printer. A laser printer is often best for business use even though it may cost a little more initially. Here are reasons to choose a laser printer for your office.

Laser Printers Have Better Print Quality

Laser printers are better than ink jets when it comes to printing text documents. Lasers use toner rather than ink so the text is crisp and durable. If your primary reason for printing is to produce documents with few graphics, then a laser printer could be the best investment for your office. If you also print color documents, then look for a laser printer capable of printing in color. These cost more than monochrome printers, but one of these is a good investment when you want images that won't smudge (like what can happen with an ink jet printer).

Laser Printers Are Faster

Speed could be an important consideration if you do a lot of printing, such as printing manuals and forms, or if several people share a printer. A fast laser jet could save you from having to buy more than one printer and crowd your office space. Lasers take a short time to warm up and get started, but they are highly productive and a good choice when you have a busy office and print continually throughout the day.

Lasers Have Lower Operating Costs

When the life of the printer is considered, there is a lower cost per page associated with a laser printer compared to an ink jet one. When you look at laser printers for sale, you'll notice they cost more initially than ink jets, and you'll also see the laser printers are available in a variety of prices. Compare the cost of the printers along with the cost of replacement cartridges. Laser printers use toner while ink jets use ink, and toner lasts longer. This makes replacement costs lower for a laser printer.

Laser Printers Can Have Multiple Functions

When you're looking for a printer as an office machine, an all-in-one model is perfect. These printers work as fax machines, copiers, and scanners as well as printers. Laser printers tend to be a little larger than ink jet printers, but this also makes them more durable for daily use. By combining several functions into one machine, you'll save on office space.

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