Tips For Custom Printing High-Visibility Flyers

22 March 2019
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Custom-printed flyers are an inexpensive and effective way to get your message across to as many people as possible. Flyers can be passed out or posted in a variety of different places and used to communicate your needs or offerings to anyone who passes by. The more effort you make towards creating something with high visibility, the more people will make the effort to read them.

Whether you need to print a pile of flyers for a community yard sale or thousands of them for your company's next trade show, these tips will get your flyers noticed and read:

Tip: Keep Your Flyer's Design Simple and Uncluttered

The purpose of a flyer is simply to draw someone's attention to a message you are sending. If you need to convey technical specifications or other information requiring lots of text, then printing a brochure is more appropriate. 

Since all your flyer needs to do is grab someone's attention and convey a quick message, you must keep the design uncluttered and simple. One graphic and a few words are all that should be on a flyer. If a person can't look at the flyer and immediately know exactly what message it is conveying, then it isn't simple enough. 

Tip: Use One Image That Clearly Depicts the Message You Want to Send

Your flyer needs a graphic that is simple to understand and visually depicts the message you are sending. For example, if you are selling furniture, then a graphic showing furniture is the only correct option. Likewise, if you are directing visitors to a concert, then a musical note or instruments are the best options.

Tip: Use the Least Amount of Text as Possible

Flyers should only have a few words on them. The text should be printed in a font that's easy to read and it should be in black or red. Stick to as few words as possible to convey your sentiment. Too many words make flyers harder to understand and make it less likely people will make the effort to stop and read them.

Tip: Staple a Sample Flyer on the Wall and Check Its Long-Distance Visibility

Once you have completed the design for your flyers and before you send off the file to the print shop, first print off a sample. Staple this sample flyer to a wall. Figure out how far away you want someone to be able to read the flyer and make sure it is easily seen.

By taking the time to check the flyer's visibility, you will ensure the flyers you have made meet your needs, and this will prevent expensive reprint jobs because you can still make changes before the flyers are printed. Learn more about flyer printing from a local printing company.