3 Questions To Ask When You Need Your New Posters To Be Custom Printed

19 June 2017
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If you have a project, cause or new business that you want to advertise, it's a good idea to consider the use of custom printed posters. They are an affordable and easily accessible option that permit many people to see your advertisement and can be quickly removed when the event in question or project has ended. However, there are so many different custom printing options for posters and you're likely to find that the options for printing vary tremendously from one provider to the next. Therefore, it will benefit you immensely to determine which business should custom print your posters by asking the following questions.  

#1-Is It Possible To Use Recycled Paper For Your Posters?

In today's world, where so many people are concerned about the environment and pro-active in limiting the further contamination of the planet, it is very important to work with environmentally responsible organizations whenever possible. One easy way to do so is verifying that the business that is providing your posters is using recycled paper whenever it is possible to do so. 

Since not all recycled paper is made exclusively of a used product, it's a good idea to verify whether the paper you might be using consisted of 30%, 50% or more of a previously used material. Fortunately, the printing company should have specific recommendations as to what you can and cannot do in regards to the use of recycled paper for the use of a custom printed poster.

#2-Is The Entire Poster Able To Be Customized Or Just The Images And Information On It?

It is often surprising to discover that the size of your poster is often limited to just a few sizes, which might be problematic for some advertising needs. Therefore, you should determine early on what your options are for the size of your poster to see if the available choices will meet your needs. 

If not, you will need to see if you can adjust your plans for the poster accordingly or if it is necessary to seek out another custom printing company. Regardless, finding out that information as early as possible will allow you to save time and limit your frustration.

#3-How Can Your Custom Posters Be Protected Against The Elements?

If you have ever seen a poster or sign that has been exposed to rain, snow, wind, etc. that is illegible after just a few days outside, you are aware of how important it is to protect your custom printed poster from those issues. Therefore, one option to consider is having it laminated and it is best to ask early on if that service is available.  If you are otherwise pleased with the business and the lack of lamination is the only major issue, clear contact paper can be used to cover both sides of the printed item to provide a similar result for a reasonable cost. 

In conclusion, the use of custom posters for advertising an important event, cause, or business is often an ideal way to get the word out about that issue in an affordable and easy way. Given that there are so many companies offering that service now, it's a good idea to screen the custom printing companies with whom you might do business by asking the questions discussed above.