How To Use Screen Printing To Make Family Reunion Shirts

16 May 2017
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Family reunions allow you to reconnect with extended family members. It is important to not underestimate the importance of this event. This gathering allows you to establish relationships and to share family history. Custom shirts are just another way to celebrate this unity. Read on to find out how to use screen printing to make family reunion shirts.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing or serigraphy is one of the best ways to create large designs. This method allows you to create images on fabric, paper and other objects. It consists of pressing the image through a stencil screen.

With serigraphy, one color is applied at a time. If you want more than one color, then you have to pay for additional color.

How Important Is Ink?

Printing ink is one of the screen printing supplies that have a major effect on the outcome of your project. If you are planning to make a family reunion shirt, then you want to make sure that the ink is thick, the design is straight and it does not overlap. Plastisol ink are one of the most common used inks for serigraphy. It is an oil based ink and it does not dry out. This ink sits on top of the material instead of sinking into it. It creates a textured and raised image.

Plastisol is very versatile and contains special effects. These effects may include puff additives, cracked effects, glitter, pearlescent effects, metallic and suede effects. They can create interesting textures.

Good For Large Orders

Serigraphy is good for large orders. This method has to use a different screen for each color. If you want three colors, then you need a screen for each color. The cost of your project increases with each new color.

The family tree is one of the most common symbols used on reunion shirts. The matriarch and patriarch are at the top of the tree and the rest of the family members are on the remaining branches. The family name, date and the city of the event are some of the things to include on your shirt. However, family reunion shirts allow you to get creative. You can decide on an image and what information to include on it.

A family reunion shirt is something that commemorates the event. It is something they are going to wear a lot and hold on to. Screen printing washes well and it maintains print quality for a long time. For more information about the process or about screen printing supplies, talk with your local shirt designer.