Mistakes To Avoid In Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

4 February 2016
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Postcards are a great way to market to the general public. They are relatively cheap, easy to design, and tend to get people's attention. However, it is also easy to waste all of the money that you spent on printing the postcards and mailing them around the city because there are several easy mistakes that you can make. Read the following mistakes and how you can avoid them during your own postcard marketing campaign.

1. Hone the Focus of Your Campaign So That You Can Send Out Multiple Mailings

Your first step is to hone the focus of your campaign to a smaller area so that you can send out multiple mailings to the same set of homes over a period of a few months, rather than a huge area where you send postcards to once all at the same time. Think about how you get people to do something in your normal life. If you have children or a spouse, there are probably household chores that no one likes to do but are necessary for the household to keep going. You probably have to ask your children or your spouse many times to get them to help with these household chores. You need to do the same thing with your marketing campaign. Choose an area where you think people are going to be most receptive to whatever it is you are selling. Choose based on proximity to your office if you are offering services or actual need for the product that you are selling. Then, budget for multiple mailings in order to pique people's interest and continually remind them about your product or service. This will make it much easier for you to actually generate leads off of these postcards.

2. Time the Mailing Correctly

Next, be sure that you are timing your mailing so that your postcards are arriving at the homes of the people to whom you sent them on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. During these three days, people are in the swing of the workweek and are more likely to look at the mail more closely because it is part of their daily work routine. If you don't time the mailing correctly, you might end up being lumped in with the larger amount of mail that gets send on Mondays after the weekend. Also be sure that you don't accidentally send your mail so that it arrives around a holiday, when people are going to be busier and therefore less likely to spend time on  your postcard.

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