Three Reasons To Choose A Custom Framing Professional For Your Framing Project

23 October 2015
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When you have an important photo, document or even a family heirloom that you wish to display and preserve, a logical choice is to have the item framed. While you have the option of buying a suitably sized frame at a general merchandise store and doing the work yourself, the end result can be less than desirable -- and, if you have to cut your own mat, the task can be frustratingly difficult. A better option is to find a professional framing service in your community that does custom work. Regardless of the nature of the item you wish to have framed, a professional can produce a finished product that turns heads. Here are three reasons to hire a professional.

Proper Protection For Your Item

Buying a cheap frame and doing the work yourself might seem tempting, but many inexpensive frames use glass that doesn't offer adequate protection for your cherished item. A custom framing job uses glass that's specifically coated to block UV rays; over time, these rays can change the color of items behind standard glass and cause irreparable damage. Custom framers can also use laminated glass, which renders it shatterproof. This precaution is useful for when you eventually move, as a break in standard glass could severely cut or scratch your item.

Mats That Match

A professional framer will put significant time into choosing the right mat for your framed piece. The wrong style of mat can detract from the visual appeal of your item by drawing your eye away, but the right mat color and style can ensure that your framed item is the star. Professionals will also take care to ensure that the mat suits the age and aesthetic of your piece; for example, you don't want to frame a century-old piece of art with a contemporary-looking mat, and finding the right vintage of mat for your item can be overwhelming if you're trying to do the job yourself. Partnering with a professional framing service ensures that the mat and your item are cohesive together.

A Variety Of Options

Custom framers can present you with several options to consider. Dry mounting puts an adhesive over the item to essentially seal it, which offers an end result that many people favor. If you wish to access the item in the future, a custom framer can use a hinged frame that allows you to retrieve the item with ease if you wish to show family members the item up close. Consider contacting local framing specialists, such as Frame It On Bloor Inc., to discuss different options.