Top Reasons To Use Screen Printed Items At Your Family Reunion

12 May 2015
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Have you been designated the official planner of an upcoming family reunion? Are you still trying to figure out how to organize everything so it runs smoothly and so that everyone has a good time? Here are some ideas on how to use screen printing to make the most of your family reunion:

Different colored shirts: Screen printing on T-shirts is popular for many large groups. But instead of handing everyone identical shirts, consider making them slightly different. When you have several dozen people who are related, it can get hard to tell people apart when they're all wearing the exact same shirt. One thing you might want to consider is having different colored shirts for different branches of your family. All the screen printing on the shirts should be the same, but the different colors will allow everyone to see more easily where they fit in the family tree.

Hats for the kids: While adults may like to wear hats as well, they can be especially helpful for locating children. If everyone decides to visit the zoo or the family reunion takes place mainly in a park, you'll all know that any kids who are wearing the special lime green hats with screen printing belong to your group. Because most adults are taller than most children, having the kids wear brightly colored hats will make it easier to get a headcount or locate lost children.

Custom printed tote bags: Consider having small gift bags available for every family group. Inside, you can include a few inexpensive things like a couple ink pens with custom screen printing on them, a few bottles of water and an assortment of snacks. If anyone in your family is artistic, consider putting together something like a family coloring book for everyone to take home. 

Ornaments: Is your family reunion taking place close to Christmas? Hand out ornaments that have the date of the reunion printed on them. Make sure all the ornaments come with a permanent marker so that everyone can sign everyone else's ornaments. Doing this will give everyone a special and unique keepsake that they'll treasure for many years to come.

Using screen printing to have items made for your family reunion will help to make your next family reunion feel more special. Instead of feeling like you're meeting with strangers, having family keepsakes will help everyone feel like they belong to the whole group. For all your screen printing needs, visit The Edge Screen Studio.