Creating Beautiful Birthday Cards For Your Daughter-Turned-Soror

1 December 2021
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The news that your daughter has been accepted into Delta Sigma Theta is something you should cherish; the women in this sorority focus on making the world a better place, and their acceptance of your daughter is cause for celebration. Now that your daughter has become a "soror" (the term for "sister" used in the sorority), show your pride by using Delta Sigma Theta symbolism in her birthday card. The symbols lend not only parental and sorority pride to the cards, but also elegance.

Look for Lady Fortitude

Is your daughter the first in the family to get into a sorority or even go to college? Is she simply nervous about moving into the world of being an adult on her own? No matter what the backstory is, an image of Lady Fortitude, one of the most important symbols for the sorority, may be just what she needs to see on her card. Lady Fortitude is represented by a woman who appears to be walking forward as if she's pushing herself, with confidence and strength, with her arms outstretched, one in front of her and one in back.

Mostly Red and Cream With a Dash of Purple and Gold

Red and cream are the colors of the sorority, and a card with glossy red and cream colors is a must. But if you really want to add more symbolism to this card, add a dash of purple and gold. These colors come from the African violet, which is another symbol of the sorority. These colors are used to represent the bond between DST and Omega Psi Phi, a related fraternity that uses purple and gold for their main colors. Given that the flowers go with the colors, a few violets dotting the card would look lovely.

Large Confetti Symbols Over Small Generic Glitter

Glitter can be very annoying, but a lot of people still love glittery cards. If you know your daughter wants something glittery, or you yourself prefer sending cards like that, here's a compromise that lets you also use more DST symbolism: large confetti. Find shapes like hearts, violets, triangles (the pyramid is another DST symbol), and more, and glue those to the inside of the card. They won't make a mess that way (really, don't just place a bunch of loose confetti in the card) and will still provide that glittery addition that so many people like. 

You can customize a card in many, many ways. If you want to send a Delta Sigma Theta birthday card, you'll find a lot of designs are possible. Check out a company like Quality Digital Creations Inc. for more ideas.