Investing In Custom Die Cut Stickers For Your Marketing

24 February 2021
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Custom stickers are an excellent marketing tool for almost any type of business. In addition to serving to catch the attention of the customers that receive the stickers, these stickers can also help to market your business or products to their friends and family that will see the stickers.

Choose A Unique Shape For Your Stickers

When you are choosing to have custom stickers made, it is important to ensure that they are able to stand out as much as possible. This can help them to catch the attention of those that may only glance at the stickers for a short period of time. To this end, die-cut stickers can be one of the most effective options. The die-cutting process will allow for the stickers to be accurately cut into a range of unique shapes. This makes it ideal for those that want stickers with a memorable and unique shape.

Opt For Stickers That Have A Laminated Exterior

You want to be sure that your new stickers are durable. Otherwise, they will rapidly wear down, and this can lead to individuals removing them from the surfaces where they are placed. To this end, it is worth the additional cost to have the stickers fully laminated. This will cost more than using stickers with a basic wax coating, but the additional protection can help these stickers to last for several years before they fade enough from wear to have to be removed and replaced. Some individuals may be worried that laminating the stickers will impact the appearance of the colors. However, the laminate is clear so that it will have minimal impact on the appearance of the sticker's colors or design.

Be Sure To Properly Store The Stickers

It is common for businesses to use their custom die-cut stickers as items to give away at promotional events. As a result, they may need to store these stickers for weeks or months. Unfortunately, improper storage can lead to the stickers suffering too much wear or damage for them to be given away. Whenever you are storing the stickers, they should be kept in an area that will be cool and dry. Otherwise, there will be a much greater chance of condensation forming on them. Also, extreme heat can lead to the stickers warping or the adhesive backing breaking down. However, these threats can be easily avoided by storing the stickers in a climate-controlled unit or area.

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